HOLY FUCK so many things I want to the point of NEEDING them and the really big tease is that they arent even that expensive but without a job, anything/everything is too much, once I’m bringing in cash it is gonna be damn hard not to go a little bit crazy.

Oh man…especially these rocked out rings:



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  1. elladawn

    actually just made a fake big cluster of this type of rock last night. its called titanium quartz or “flame aura” cause its made somehow by putting quartz into a super oven and mixing in a little bit of titanium, super bloody beautiful.

    For this show I’m in next week all of the fake rocks I’m making are copies of rocks that use altered in some way bu humans.

    I think there will be three rocks in total and I’ve devised a simple way for them to appear hovering on top of wire so that they look super-natural, magical in someway. The curator is pretty excited and is trying to build strange plinths styled after ones used in an old superman movie to hold Kryptonite.

    So far I’ve got this Titanium Quartz (although a very subdued, pastely version), Bornite which people pour acid on top of to make the pretty colours (in my case created through the use of glitter gel) and tomorrow morning I will make a Gaia Stone which is actually a glass made from the ash ejected from Mount St. Helens, basically you just take a blowtorch and point it at the ash and you get glass on the spot: really want to go there and do this one day!

    Gaia Stone:

    (before acid)

    (after acid)

    October 31, 2010 at 00:29

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