Good Parents Pay | Ministry of Community and Social Services

Good Parents Pay | Ministry of Community and Social Services.

Wow.  If there is resistance to  registering sex offenders in this manner, who does this get done?


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  1. elladawn

    Wow it took me a minute to even understand what I was looking at, those photos totally distracted me from connecting them to the words.

    I suppose the difference with sex-offenders or others of this ilk is that they have gone to jail, ‘done their time’ ‘been reformed’ and so on. I think the overwhelming societal interest in registering them in this way shows the lack of confidence our society places in state systems to reform or properly punish individuals. With these parents, primarily fathers, they have not succeeded in completing their side of the bargain, they are ‘missing’ unlike other types of offenders who have ostensibly “paid” for their “mistake(s)”.

    I find it difficult to place a blanket judgment on the decision to post photos of each ‘missing’ parent without knowing their back story. Whether or not to judge if they should be criminalized a la ‘America’s most wanted’ in this way. I suppose it boils down to my lack of conviction in the judicial process to administer this particular issue. There is a problem with the type of society we live in with a lack of real community infrastructure. In contrast, in smaller communities that still operate on a shame-based responsibility system where being ostracized or banished is a real fear, one that would make the situation of going ‘missing’ in order to skirt financial responsibility near impossible and when it does happen a non-nuclear family model would pick of the slack, not necessarily as well as a present parent however. This seems to be particularly evident in communities where individual survival, emotional and physical, is wholly dependent on community (and community could just mean extended family) resources.

    I am curious to know whether in these cases Social Services is picking up the tab for the missed Child Support payments…if these services are meant to replace older systems of community resources then I hope that they have a program where they do their best to find the ‘missing’ parent but also offer assistance in the interim, especially in situations of acute need.

    In my case, since my father was unable to pay child support being on disability the Provincial Government provided a monthly stipend directly to me instead. Unfortunately it took us years to discover this benefit and even though they issued me back pay (when I was 13) it was a fraction of the amount that would have been payed if we had known from the ‘get go’. This was a huge help to my family during my adolescence but I am sure that there are many more similar cases where the information about what actual entitlements are goes unsaid, or forgotten. The social services we have have become behemoths and their interface with actual individuals next to non-existent. Every time I need to deal with the government in some way, either for myself or my father, that the bureaucracy stands as a huge fence in my way, causing undue anxiety and even embarrassment. It always strikes me as unbelievable that people with a greater situation of need or less ability than my own are expected to maneuver these systems. I am sure that there are many who take advantage of them but I’m sure there are even more who don’t know how to.

    November 6, 2010 at 17:53

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