Portfolio: Ella Dawn McGeough (2010)


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  1. Blaireau

    Whaaaaaaaaat. How did I miss this!!!!

    I’m in love with the photos of your glow in the dark pieces (and no less proud for having made a contribution to the amethyst project).

    Very impressive my little ingenue. I would wish you luck on your applications, but you don’t need it now do you.

    January 11, 2011 at 17:47

    • elladawn

      here is my letter, I almost cried when I finished it. i’ve never put so much effort into 430 words in my whole life.

      Letter of Intent

      My research and studio practice are permeated with mythologies conversing with social collaboration and material experimentation within paint and sculpture.

      While maintaining a playful sensibility, my approach to art production investigates history, theory and material practice with equal rigor. At ________, I plan to expand my research on manifestations of the supernatural within landscapes that fringe society and their connection to metaphysical ideology. Simultaneously, I will continue to examine oft-repeated tales of survival and escape that define and explore wilderness to reflect upon specific temporalities in relation to mythmaking.

      Currently my work is positioned relative to anxieties born from environmental change in order to discuss disaster vs. protection and dislocation vs. shelter. Material transformations between liquid and solid are used to consider sites of apparent failure in landscape: slides, falls and spills. These sites signify threshold occasions – moments of ecstasis, a conversion from their standing as one thing to become an other. However works themselves are static, frozen in time; their physicality acts as a manifestation of their poeisis. It is my hope and intent that my practice offers space to question the uncertain relationship we have towards the environment that surrounds us.

      Cross-disciplinary in scope, my artwork casts itself within an ongoing investigation into the peculiarity and theoretical ramifications of cyclical vs. linear time. In Nietzsche’s theory of “Eternal Recurrence”, time is expressed within an oscillatory universe, where actions and events bear the burden of enormous weight that comes with unceasing consequentiality. This dynamic is much like the process of mythologizing reality, where subject matter is conjured again and again- gaining in significance while its original contextuality diminishes. In contrast, events within a linear universe become weightless, free of meaning and destined to become forgotten. By often using synthetic materials
      such as acrylic paint and polystyrene my sculptural works bear the weight of virtual immortality. In an attempt to counter humanistic hubris I turn to the physical world, exploring and contrasting different measurements of time in relation to the ontology of landscape, while still considering our role within it.

      ________ University is appealing for its emphasis on studio practice within a three-year program, strong visiting artist and speaker series, excellent facilities in both traditional and new media and a highly stimulating environment of group exchange. The program promotes an engagement with a community of progressive art professionals who have
      refreshing conceptual and material practices. As a university, ______ offers the opportunity to enter into dialogue with a wide network of academics from departments outside of art such as geography, literature and film to help inform my theoretical interests. Located in the heart of _______ you afford access to a vibrant arts community and a variety of seminal cultural institutions. Your MFA offers the unique chance to gain valuable mentorship, while broadening my material practice and ascertaining a career as an artist and scholar within contemporary society.

      January 12, 2011 at 19:56

    • elladawn

      I deleted your next comment for various reasons, but namely because i would like to keep that info on the down low.

      January 12, 2011 at 21:40

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