Ever since Hunt has been talking about creating a bespoke slip line they have been fluttering around my mind as something missing from my very overstuffed closet.  I particularly like the idea of playing with color under some of my other dresses: this is one that I am on the fence about though, the colour! too outrageous or perfectly outrageous: i love how it looks on Jane (in fact if you go to the intimates page on free people there is lots of ‘almost perfects’).

When i find vintage ones they are just never quite perfect, why is this inordinately difficult?


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  1. Blaireau

    Your first link doesn’t work. I really dislike the second slip.

    I’m at home researching physio programmes (don’t get too excited its a possibility not yet really taking strong root). I have had a strange productive day cause I was left in the lurch for snowshoeing plans. It is also monsooning rain (significantly harder than usual) outside which is quelling my initial desire to get trounced up in my wellies and go jump in puddles. Anyhow, I’ve gobbled up a good part of my new book. played piano, dyed my hair, cleaned house, and now I’ve made good headway into researching potential programs (which was fun, until I reached the tuition part…phrmph).

    But your clothes posts are pulling my nose to this new scent. I think I’m now gonna look at shoes online. yessssssss.

    February 12, 2011 at 15:33

  2. acslater

    I like Jane’s slip- not on its own (and she hardly wears it on its own…bitch is dripping in ludicrous eye catching jewellery) but I can see how it would add whimsy and dimension to dresses and dressy apparel.

    Speaking of trolling online, pendleton has been whoring itself all over the hipster fashion front:

    February 12, 2011 at 21:44

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