Fellow Attendee

coachella one 

I was walking back from filthy portaloos on day 3 when I came upon the familiar face of her (super hot) boyfriend, and then spotted her back to me.  Was pretty sure I was unwittingly snapped in some of their photos as the sunset was at my/her back, but none were posted (sigh).

By day three we had finally negotiated the sun and coasted at an even level of drunk and redbull.  Me n our fox and new friend Angie were doing twistaloos and running in the grass all day, dancing all night.  It was only yesterday that I woke up to my fox and the desert sun (and hangover, and 3 hours sleep, and 3 hours drive in a 25 foot RV through LA).  How could it all seem so far away again?

My driving is much improved (minus a minor scratch/terror on the LA freeway roadside) and my wanderlust touched.  We will wander the desert in an RV.  Its gotta get done.  Fox is in the Mojave today, I am at home nursing the flu.  Un.fair.


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  1. acslater

    Egad. This is fashion toast bitch? I had seen her all over and hadn’t made the connection. In fact, I distinctly remember seeing her tumble through the dirt on the road out of the festival in her too high booties (for that terrain, anyhow) and laughed with Lena and Kobi about her tranny appearance. Photos are so indiscriminate with their flattery sometimes.

    April 29, 2011 at 14:35

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