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A triple threat?

My cousin David’s wedding in september, ED’s wedding and Christie’s weddings next summer.  Need a triple threat of a dress and willing to throw down some money.  This one is relatively cheap (though no idea how bad it will be after customs and brokerage).  Thoughts?


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  1. Blaireau

    I like that it covers my arms, but I’m not sure I’m totally confident about showing off my back. I also feel like it may be a bit too much of an attention-grabber of a dress (I always hate that token girl who dresses a little too flamboyantly or sluttishly at a wedding). No concerns about this for ED’s wedding of course just the other two. I do think that this would translate well considering that the three weddings are going to be in a garden/park, a winnnipeg country club, and a toronto rooftop shi shi restaurant. The shoes and makeup and jewelry could be swapped in an out to dress it up or down a bit…its only the color that I feel a bit sheepish wearing.

    But I do love the color. Hmmmmmmm! Tantalizing.

    Also: opinions: would I be a s/m or a m/l? usually a small in hips stuff, and a medium in torso….but with websites like this I kinda expect everything to be super teeeeeny so I’m a little scared to order a s/m.

    July 10, 2011 at 12:54

  2. acslater

    I like it- the open back is compensated by the covered arms and chest and the mid calf length. You would want to keep makeup and hair clean to keep it from being vamp. It’s also perfect for you because of your small waist and bum. I suspect you’ll wear it better than the model.
    S/M definitely. It would look all wrong if it was oversize.

    July 13, 2011 at 14:34

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