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Las year, Wyclef, Robert Plant and Mumford and Sons played. All on the same day. Every bar in town has live music. Jazz, cajun, country, jive.



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  1. Blaireau

    Yep, its time to get down and serious about a possibility of a 30th birthday reunion trip. I am very into new orleans but AC had some reservations (always spending dinero to come to the same part-ish of the world). Other ideas batted about were india…..I could also suggest our heartland: somehwere in central america.

    But yeah. The big easy has always made my heart flutter. Could be a combined 30th and Deer stagette? What do we think.

    September 26, 2011 at 13:56

    • elladawn

      Really thinking that if any travel plans are forthcoming on my end they need to be Dublin bound this year. Thinking May at the moment but will have to play it by ear till spring. Probably will hold off the wedding till the summer after I graduate so no rush on a stagette plus New Orleans would be an awfully fun adventure to celebrate our entrance into our thirties rather than an end to our twenties but that’s my side. Another much more doable (affordable) option is New York although not so exotic it would be awfully fun to traips around in and for the poorest among us it’s a very convenient bus ride away.

      September 27, 2011 at 20:14

  2. AcSlater

    It may be just about time for Ireland to be put on Ella’s map- and we could possibly think about one other place to add in? I would LOVE of course to have both of you here. It might possibly kill me with excitement. But with another place to add in I suggest a country somewhere on my continent with a beach and a bit of heat? Croatia, France, Spain…I’d suggest Greece but the men are just a little gross there. I would love an opportunity to expand the sites I’ve seen in Europe. And Ireland is nearly at its warmest that time of year.

    On the other hand, there is a conference I’m dying to attend that takes place in Virginia (hell yeah!) at the end of June. There is a chance I could get funding to attend, in which case I could slot that in as ending grounds for a trip with you ladies on that side of the world. A coworker is just planning a trip next month to fly to New Orleans and then New York and her flight is a reasonable 600 return. So it’s doable…I guess just a matter of where we would meet and travel from. If we could all meet at the start of June in New Orleans, we could rent a car, stay in motels, and travel up through Missisipi, Alabama, Tenessee (because I hear all kinds of awesome about there) and North Carolina, Virginia? But I don’t know what amount of time that takes (or if it’s even feasible to drive across all those states in one trip) or how much time each of us would have. I’m thinking three weeks.

    I’m okay with the thought of holding off on the New Orleans trip too and keeping it in mind for another year. New York is an idea but that would be a shorter vacation and it seems we all might be able to put a bit more time aside for a trip this year.

    September 28, 2011 at 03:31

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