thats some good curating going on there.


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  1. elladawn

    speaking of art: my big scary CRIT went shockingly well although that hasn’t stopped me from over-analyzing every little bit of it in and amidst the mind breaks from family since last Monday. Basically everyone loved the work, super enthusiastically especially these two large sparkle “cloak/pour” wall pieces but the issue for some is how I talk about my work…too over determined, too enthusiastically thought out, limiting viewer response… while other’s said they had to resist the urge to stand up and clap after my intro. That said I scared myself with the confidence I exuded, it was actually the closest I’ve come to an outer body experience. I was so aware of my physiological responses: dry mouth caused from my digestive responses shutting down due to anxiety, a slight waver of voice 2 minutes in unprovoked, but none of the hand shaking that I usually have. I recorded the 45 minute discussion but haven’t had the will to open up the file and actually listen. What I kept trying to repeat in my head to ground myself in the hour before was the memory of you two’s trail blazing through super stressful programs before me, not to mention AC’s brilliant radio show from last year, trying to connect to the place deep inside that tells me if you two have found the courage to put yourself through public critique professionally so can I. Colin documented everything and will try to upload some pictures in the new year when we are back and settled in Guelph. Anyway, after going through this process nearly blind I really learned a lot about what choices to make in the future.

    December 19, 2011 at 11:13

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