Atlas Shrugged

They made a movie of my favorite book in the whole world: Atlas Shrugged.

How do you condense a tome including a 50-page monologue into 90 minutes of succinct movie?  I was grumpily suspicious.

Its not nearly as bad as I would have suspected.  It does not include the incredible beauty and resonance that I felt on reading it (obviously…god what I would give to have my original copy…the one that kept me up til 3 AM on so many nights hi-lighting passages)  but it gets the overall gist of the work through, in a very abbreviated way.  It is a gentler introduction to the simplicity and fanaticism of Ayn Rand that I love so much.   Be it with some terrible, horrible acting and omissions of some of the most poignant passages.

Strangely, the film makes certain aspects of the book seem so banal in their plotlines….keep with it.  If  part 2 is ever made, trust me that the plot becomes sooooo much more complex and feminist.  Dagny Taggart is as much a heroine as I have ever embraced….this vignette of a movie makes that more interesting/ironic to me in a couple of ways, once it is whittled down to its bald movie form.  But the puritanically capitalist bent still plucks at my heart.  I love it in some weird way although I live by much different ideals.



One response

  1. Zorro

    I need to read this- you told me years ago it was your favourite and I can’t believe I haven’t gotten to it yet.

    January 8, 2012 at 15:24

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