“What is your long term professional and personal goals?  Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Most often, I’ve answered that my long term goal is to find a job within my skillset that allows me to live in vancouver.  Like a real adult.  Without roommates, or rent and maybe with a car.

Things like this make me feel like a silly little kid with very unrealistic expectations.

Traveling in a state like nevada, where so many people lost everything in the recessions was sobering.  Neighborhoods of foreclosures, houses being sold for tens of thousands.  It was also sobering to be able to go to walmart and buy 2 weeks of food for less then 100 bucks.  Even cough drops and flavored coffee creamer were easily 1/4 of the price they are in van.

I sometimes feel a weird sort of guilt: for the price I’m paying for this life do I really make the best of it?  Every evening spent indoors feels like a miff to my ‘five year goal’.  Good thing I’m going skiing this weekend I guess.


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