“Surrender,” by Bill Viola, color video diptych on two plasma displays mounted vertically on wall, 2001.

So much culture, science, ostentaciousness and excess as only the Italians do best. So much freshness (food), oldness (art) and unexpected whimsy and wit. Seeing Olaf Nicolai’s The Portrait of the Artist as a Weeping Narcissus set amidst a hall of busts and statues in the Accademia, in the room adjacent to the status of David. Reinforcing that a decent length trip to Germany is a must in the coming years. Museum trips were interspersed with long ambling walks, ridiculously delicious lunches, gelato breaks, and so much people watching. Seeing Nick Cave’s  Sound Suits and Will Cotton’s (director of Katie Perry’s California Gurls) excessive and menacing candyworlds in the Palazzo Strozzi. A gorgeous building not too far from Roberto Cavalli’s chocolate bar where all the beautiful and manicured people drink their aperol apperitivos before dinner.

What really seized me, and sent my own epiphanies tumbling out was Fiona Tan’s Provenance- six filmed portraits. Short films that act like paintings.

Going to the Uffizi and being humbly reminded of elementary school lessons on Romanesque mythology. Seeing Caravaggio’s dark crazy shit. Oh oh oh and the Costume Gallery in the Pitti Palace, with the most wonderful collection including a white feathered Balenciaga hat from the 1940’s that made my heart leap.

Seeing a massive armillary sphere– over 3 meters high and wooden. What is it about models that are so damn neat?



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