I have been thinking quite a bit recently about making art outside of a studio, nothing novel I know but more and more I find myself attached to these tap tap taps on the keyboard and this glossy be-dazzling screen and well just making stuff on it – to see how long it holds up as stuff. The link I posted a while ago about a response assignment is basically finished and newly linked through the front image on my website. Check it out if you have a couple minutes to spare…its sort of silly and I am a bit embarrassed by the questions, having derived from my adviser but it is a direction I would like to head. I think it could be a particularly interesting direction to collaborate on with other artists and (ahem) writers (AC-looking at you). Presented the aforementioned project to my class today to very positive reviews, so we will see. For the time being I will be translating an essay/short story I wrote last year into an interactive website to see where that will take me. Although difficult with basically zero web site building skills for now it is interesting to work within existing templates attempting to pull them in directions that they were never intended. On the other hand this fellow’s website is particularly exciting: , an artist out of South Korea. My favorite so far is at the very bottom (URGENT REQUEST).


Again obvs using the blog as my own personal inspiration board is a project of distraction against digging right into my thesis support paper and the work that I should be am excited about in the studio right now.

I am really feeling the nostalgia for early cyberspace graphics and it is interesting to see a similar aesthetic popping up with these two babes as well. The Rhianna one is a bit wacko though. Well maybe they both are. Who cares.


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