The hooch

I went to a cancer benefit scotch tasting yesterday.  Despite a few patronizing interactions from the men, it was a lovely night.

My new favorite: Scotch Malt Whiskey Society

Totally worth looking into for gifting purposes.  They had a bunch of whiskeys available to try and they were all super unique and delicious and full of flavor.  My favorite was ‘Suede shoes walking through clover’.  Mmmmmmm.


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  1. Zorro

    I keep reading that for some coeliacs who have less small intestine damage it is possible to consume wheatified liquors with no ill effects, but on the ground experience seems so different. I do wonder, though, after several years of cleansing and being quite gluten free, if my intestines can now weather the storm. Some days, what I wouldn’t do for a good whiskey, I’m tempted to try, but clearing the decks for a potentially ruined next day never quite seems feasible.
    I’m just recovering from yet another bout of anaemia, and am super turbo charged with a liquid b complex and a liquid iron. I have my period after a two month hiatus that sent me into panick that I was somehow up the duff. Nope. Just turned out I’m a defective gluttard that no matter how nutritious my diet is, I need to take pretty regular supplements to ensure I’m absorbing the bare minimum. That said, my skin, hair and nails are glowing with all the jazz I’m taking.

    March 11, 2013 at 11:15

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