Anointed-Skin project

So I have been riddled with blackheads of late; as well as the odd (hormonal related) breakout on my chin.  It was driving me nuts.  I also get irritation on my chest where I sweat when I work out (aggravated due to unemployment and tons of working out), and I have always had the same irritation on my upper arms (red, bumpy).  My previous solution to all these problems is mild to medium sun exposure…its not really something I want to rely on for the rest of my life.  I wanted to try something else.

I can’t remember how I heard about it, but I started washing my face/chest/arms with oil.  It goes like this:

-Mix together castor oil and olive oil (or grapeseed).  Both must be organic.  And particularly the castor oil has to be organic and cold pressed and of the expensive variety, otherwise the process by which it is produced is nasty for your skin.

-Make a mix of 30 percent castor oil in olive oil (more castor if you’re oily, less if you’re dry…I now find that 20% castor oil is enough for me).

-Slather it on your skin; rub it in for a few minutes.

-Run a facecloth under the hottest water you can stand.  Put the cloth on your face and let it cool.  Wipe away excess.  If you wipe away too much, you can use a little extra oil as moisturizer.

After researching this, I was tentative about trying it.  Its worth gathering your own info.  A lot of people seemed to have developed horrible reactions including follicular infections (ugh).  Equal numbers love it.  The castor oil is supposed to draw out hardened sebum from your pores and reduce their size ; the carrier oil (olive or grapeseed) moisturizes and prevents stripping.

I phased it in slowly, using it a few times a week and finally once a day.  I still occasionally use my old cleanser, but I’m mostly on the oil just cleansing once a day and using warm water once a day.  My skin is better, though not amazing.  My arms are red but no longer bumpy.  My chest is better some days, sometimes not (I think cause I have roseacea on my chest…bah).  Most importantly: no scary fucking terrifying outbreaks.  And none to come I hope.  Also a reduction in my regular outbreaks and blackheads.

The most impressive part is this: I will never use anything else as makeup remover.  It takes everything off and is super super gentle, acting as cleanser and moisturizer in one go.

It does not work well if you cleanse your face prior to makeup application. It pretty much repels makeup and manages to make it unstable and smeary.


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  1. Blaireau

    PS: also signed up for a climbing class that starts at 6AM twice a week (first day tomorrow) and is supposed to kick my lily white ass. And I’ve purchased a hang board for training at home. I’m really hoping that I do a good job of putting that thing up 🙂

    I can currently do 3 pullups (or, alternatively, 4 chinups). Mark my words ladies: by the end of the month it will be 7 pullups in one go.

    March 11, 2013 at 15:11

  2. COOOL Post! and impressed on the workout front – I have been trying to be generally more active – it felt really good to be so physical during my installation this week with lots of general walking around the CITY – cannot wait till I am out of small town – so much easier to sit on your ass here.

    March 11, 2013 at 18:36

  3. Zorro

    I’m intrigued! This sounds wonderful- I’ve been using a skin oil for two years now (but more as part of moisturizer than cleanser) and it’s made a huge difference in reducing congestion. I’ve been wanting to find an effective and bare bones eye make up remover for the evening that would also condition my lashes and brows…I’m so going to try this as a helluva cheaper option than Shu Uemura’s skin oil. Meanwhile, I just googled cold pressed castor oil and came across Instructions for “castor oil purgation.” I guess its good for all kinds of expunging.
    Go go go on the climbing front- I’ve been doing two bikram classes at 6:30am pre work for the past two years and I’m convinced it is the best way to start the day, it sets up a sense of accomplishment that helps buffer whatever crappiness may follow during daylight hours. Nothing beats feeling strong.
    Curiously though (and I’m not saying this is what the deal is for you) but my upper arms no longer have the ruddy colour or white bumps that it used to since being a few years into living g/f….I still kinda hold a grudge against my GP for all those symptoms I was coming to her with and the dots were never connected.

    March 12, 2013 at 06:35

  4. Blaireau

    Hm…that is possible. I eat very very little gluten these days, but certainly do not abstain. I am always considering a GF stint. I’ve only ever made it to 3 weeks. After 3 weeks I saw no difference, and had no disturbance after resuming gluten. I’ve also been recently tested again, and blood test only came up with elevated IgA levels….I’m waiting to start seeing my regular doc in april to sort out this quagmire. I’m still convinced that something is quite wrong but I would prefer to work with a regular GP on it.

    Castor oil packs are apparently used to purge the body of toxins in a lot of different practices. Kobi finds that making a compress or slathering it on her lower abdomen helps her monthly woes. It is naturally warming. I do find that the oil conditions my brows really nicely. Dermalogica also makes a fantastic skin oil for moisturizing but not so good it could replace this cheap option.

    Just remember to mix your oils in small volumes until you figure out what works for your skin to allow for editing. I found 30% castor oil too dry and now I use 20% but I’m under the impression that most people wouldn’t add more than 40-50% castor.

    March 12, 2013 at 18:38

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