Fait accompli

Weekend at Skaha bluffs near Penticton, with a girl I had never met (a friend of Emily’s….we both had groups of friends going up but no coordinated ride so she called me and offered to rent a car and it turned out to be awesome).

I haven’t climbed on lead for years, since taking a bad fall.  This weekend I lead 5 climbs!!  And 4 of the 5 were lead on-site (meaning, I hadn’t worked on the climb with a top-rope in place to learn the moves before taking the leap and leading it).

In case you aren’t totally sure, this is what lead climbing is.

You spend all your time staying calm and climbing safely and trying not to do this (That was a baby fall and that guy is a little silly)…or more importantly, you try not to think about things like this when you’re high above your last bolt clip.

I didn’t wear my helmet most of the time.  That last foray through youtube will make certain that next time I will be wearing my helmet.

This shit is way better than working.


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