Love the concrete hooks/shelf supports/everything.

Turns out my boy has some major prowess and motivation in the DIY dept.  If he can find instructions on the interwebs he always defaults to doing everything himself, which is usually pretty impressive.

However. I did NOT enjoy assisting in his DIY take on installing a roof rack on the new Jeep.  Seriously.  Who buys a brand new car for over 40 large and gets cheap on $150 dollars of installation for a roof rack that must be drilled DIRECTLY into the truck’s roof? Nothing like drilling into the roof of your new truck and screwing siliconed nut/bolt series with a teeny tiny allen key to make your long weekend EXTRA FUN.  I was terrified we would make leaky rail mounts that would ruin the truck in no time…also terrified that he sourced all the parts himself and we now have to dremel off the screws that stick out into the cab where passengers sit in the back seat.  Nothing like an inch of screw to your skull to make for a nice day.  Tall people beware of our vehicle.


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