cluster FUCK

So Trinity posts a full time position teaching undergrad science with the potential to tenure.  Wow.  Full time.  Unheard of.  I’m not fool enough to think I’m tenure material, but I had hoped this may be a positive work environment with decent pay where I can actually teach!

Working at a christian college in Langley?  Might be the 7th ring of hell but I love to teach and I can respect all the world’s citizens and their beliefs.  Right?  This is higher education!!

So after a lengthy application, this pops up:

* Personal Perspective – Please make a brief statement describing your personal relationship with Christ and a second statement expressive of your philosophy of Christian education, especially indicating 1. How you see your discipline in relation to the total Christian academic enterprise; and, 2. Why you would wish to teach at an Evangelical Christian institution like Trinity Western University.

Fair question.  But why didn’t you state that at the start?  Seems pretty important.

I make it clear that though I was raised religious I am currently agnostic.  I handle it with diplomacy.  YES!

And then… I am told I have to sign and return these  bad boys within 6 days:

My diplomacy evaporates.  You basically want me to be an example I simply can not be.  And furthermore, I am to support your students in avoiding sex, homos and intoxication.  This offends my humanity.
I decline to sign, it is followed by this:
 Any personal information / issues arising from the Community Covenant’s expectations on marriage and divorce must be discussed if invited for an interview.
How do they know I’m living in sin!!!  Haha.   I’m such a desperate fool for trying to make this work.  Thanks for wasting my time.  Oh the depths to which I have sunk.

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  1. Zorro

    The goldilocks process of job seeking. It requires flexibility and an open mind, and it’s so hard to decide when and what is outside the parameters of possibility. Did I ever tell you my sister had a childhood friend Bridget who went to Trinity, and in university stopped talking to her when my sister joined SFU socialist party. It’s against the rules.
    The tenure aspect must have made it pretty desireable to bend your humanistic compass. If it’s any consolation against trying, I hear the majority of their student populace comes from the die hard christian families from the US who want an education without shelling out the american dollars colleges there would require. The curious part of me would love to enter into such a neat, rule bound little cosmos…like jesus sci-fi every day during working hours.

    June 25, 2013 at 08:00

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